Abdul Nasser Al Mannaei


Abdul Nasser Al Mannaei is Sharia leader with twenty-eight years of Islamic banking experience in Sharia Control and Sharia Audit. Fully knowledgeable in Sharia consultancy, Sharia Audit, Sharia Compliance, Sharia Training, Sharia Research and Development. He is adept at implementing innovative Sharia practices and procedures to improve efficiency. He has a versatile skill set with experience in mediating between the Internal Sharia Supervision Committee and the Management of the IFI’s.

Abdul Nasser Al Mannaei completed Bachelor of Islamic Studies in the Faculty of Islamic & Arabic in Dubai. He has more than 22 years’ experience in the banking field holding positions as a Vice President – Head of Shari’ah in Ajman bank, Vice President – Sharia Coordinator in Noor Islamic Bank, Vice President – Head of Shari’ah in Sharjah Islamic Bank, and Shari’ah Auditor in Dubai Islamic Bank.

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