Fixed Term


A flexible plan that protects your future needs. You don't have to worry about saving money to achieve your future aspirations. We are here to help in overcoming financial obstacles when it happens in the event of the participant’s unfortunate death, as per the coverage facilitated by the plan.

Key Benefits



Your total Sum covered remains constant throughout the duration of your selected plan


You can select additional Takaful Protection Benefits to suit your needs


You are offered regular contribution


Surplus sharing from the Takaful Pool

Product Features


  • The Plan Term can be from 5 to 25 years
  • Entry age is 18 to 65 years
  • Plan Currency can be AED or USD
  • Plan does not offer any cash value
  • Compulsory benefits for Death by any cause, and Repatriation
  • In the case of death, a fixed Sum Cover is payable to beneficiaries
  • Surplus sharing (if any) at the time of death or expiry of the contract

Additional Benefits

  • Critical Illness
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Permanent and Partial Disability
  • Permanent Total Disability

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