Savings that enable you to grow your wealth

Growing your wealth has never been easier with our Takaful Growth Plan, which is a unique combination of financial protection and savings growth. Upon choosing this product, you will benefit from a wide range of investment funds offered by world-renowned fund managers.

Key Benefits:



Bonus of up to 150%, with 100% of your contribution invested within first year


Broad Range of Shariah Compliant Investment funds to grow your savings


Your plan has the option of covering up to 40 diseases


The option to invest additional contributions to increase your savings

Product Features


  • Flexible contribution payments with a minimum of 5 years
  • Guaranteed bonus available from the 7th year to the 15th year, while contributions remain consistent (10% from the 7th-13th year, 15% for 14th and 15th year)
  • Additional Takaful Protection benefits can be increased or decreased according to your preference
  • Wide range of Shariah Compliant Investment Funds
  • Additional contributions can be paid into the plan to increase saving potential
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Available as a plan in both AED and USD
  • Plan Term from 15 – 62 years
  • Minimum plan term of 15 years
  • Death benefit can be either exclusive or inclusive

Additional Benefits

  • Critical illness
  • Total and Permanent Disability due to accident or sickness
  • Accidental Death benefit
  • Family Income benefit
  • Permanent Partial Disability (Accident)
  • Waiver of Contribution in event of Total Permanent Disability

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