Takaful Emarat to extend its gratitude to everyone sacrificing so much to save others’ lives, a special thanks to all your Doctors & Nurses!

In an attempt to extend appreciation to each of the valuable doctors & nurses for contributing to the society so hard, Takaful Emarat is pleased to issue FREE Personal Accident insurance policies as per the below split and cost.

– Personal Accident policies for 500 doctors with a face amount (coverage) of AED 250k each
– Personal Accident policies for 5000 nurses with a face amount (coverage) of AED 50k each

They can redeem it by visiting link: http://pa.takafulemarat.com/csr, then enter their profession (Doctor or Nurse), and their EID as well as DHA/HAAD license/ID

What is Personal Accident Insurance & How they will benefit from it?
This personal accident cover is designed with the aim of providing hassle-free solution with personal accident protection in the event of violent, accidental, external and visible events.
This policy DOES NOT cover death by natural reasons (including but not limited to Coronavirus).

Attached you can find all details explaining the plan.

To all HEALTHCARE WORKERS, THANK YOU for standing up in the face of the  disease, your sacrificing efforts are truly recognized. You deserve to be appreciated!

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